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Frequently Asked Questions

If anything is not clear, the answer is here.

Q: Which method of payment is possible?
A: You can use the safe on-line payment system PayPal.
Q: How will I get files after payment?
A: We will send you the files by e-mail immediately after you make your payment.
Q: I have not obtained the files yet, what should I do?
A: An error occurred somewhere. Firstly, try to wait a few hours. If you still do not obtain a message, please contact us via our contact form. In the form, please enter your name and especially your e-mail you entered in your registration, and we will send you the files ASAP.
Q: Do you have an on-line demo version of individual templates anywhere?
A: Unfortunately, we don’t. However, you can view template previews and a video preview or you can download Lite version.
Q: What will I get, when I buy it?
A: See licence.
Q: Can I use Adminizio for my open-source project?
A: Yes, but you must ask us for our express approval. Contact us and introduce us your project.
Q: Do you plan other updates?
A: Yes, of course. We plan other colour variants and we are also working on the extension of the icon set.
Q: Will the following updates really be for free?
A: Yes, they will.
Q: Forever?
A: Yes!
Q: How will you inform me about a new update?
A: If you check off “I wish to be informed about new updates” in the order form, then we will send you updates by e-mail. If you do not, we recommend you to watch this website. In addition, you can ask for a new update by sending a message to our e-mail address (however, for verification purposes, send your message from the e-mail address you entered in your order).


The price for unlimited licence is $99 $50. We accept PayPal